About us

Our advicesBox team, which writes the articles, aims to help the maximum number of people in the world to overcome the difficulties of each day through advice based on expertise, knowledge and personal experience.

AdvicesBox.com is about:

  • Advice for people who want to find out how to live better and more peacefully
  • Advice that will help you to improve your general well-being and self-confidence, beyond relationships or romantic relationships. We are in a society that pits us against each other, and tells us one thing. Don’t be yourself. It’s not something we can do much with most of the time. But we can work towards it, and help each other.
  • Advice on how to develop spiritually, if you are into this kind of thing.
  • Advice on how to make your life easier, simply by making it more organised.
  • Advice for people who want to grow in their career but need inspiration or motivation. We will give you ideas on what jobs are good for you and even list a selection of careers that might suit your personality and interests.

AdvicesBox.com is not a dating site. We are not on that side of the digital world. We tend to stay away from anything pretentious and superficial, like Internet romance or Facebook’s matchmaking. Instead, we focus on answering people’s questions or providing them with advice based on our experience and knowledge.

AdvicesBox is an awesome magazine, but also an invaluable source of customized advice and some inspiration.

All tips on advicesbox.com are written in the form of a short article. If you want to publish an article, we’ll gladly share it with our readers, whether it’s a simple blog post, investment advice or some other type of advice.
The ultimate goal of the advicesbox.com website is to make all those who want it succeed.
If you have a proposal, ask us and we will be happy to help you!